Links from Child Development Media 09/19/12 Part 2

Childhood Obesity: Facts and What We Can Do

According to the CDC, “childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years.” “Wth nearly one-third of American children being overweight or obese, doctors agree that there is an acute need for more effective treatments” (Read the rest of this article here). Clearly, childhood obesity has become a major issue facing today’s youth and it is important to educate people on the necessary steps they can take to help prevent children from becoming obese and to also prevent the major health problems that may occur as a result.

“CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes a look at baby obesity and shares tips on how to maintain a healthy weight for your baby.” Watch the entire news clip here and help join the fight against childhood obesity!



Genetic Test Predicts Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

A team of Australian researchers, led by University of Melbourne has developed a genetic test that is able to predict the risk of developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Lead researcher Professor Stan Skafidas, Director of the Centre for Neural Engineering at the University of Melbourne said the test could be used to assess the risk for developing the disorder. Read the entire article here.


App On iPod Touch Helps Autistic Adults Work More Efficiently

With difficulties related to behavior, communication, cognition, and sensory processing, people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a hard time not only finding a job, but keeping the job as well. In the United States, just 15% of adults struggling with ASD are getting paid for some type of work. However, according to new research, people with the disorder are able to work more efficiently with the task management and organizational features on personal digital assistants (PDAs). Read more of the article here.



Little Evidence Supports Autism Treatment Options in Adolescents [Nashville, TN]

“Vanderbilt University researchers studying interventions for adolescents and young adults with autism are reporting that there is insufficient evidence to support findings, good or bad, for the therapies currently used. Although the prevalence of autism is on the rise, much remains to be discovered when it comes to interventions for this population, the researchers concluded.” Read the rest of this article here.



Organizations Seek Help for Adults with Autism

Compared with youth with other disabilities, young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder face a disproportionately difficult time navigating work and educational opportunities after high school, finds a new study by Paul Shattuck, PhD, from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis (Click here to read more about this study). Thankfully, there are programs such as Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism (AFAA), which is a national consortium of organizations working together, led by the vision of individuals with autism and their families, to promote a collaborative spirit and develop both public and private sector support that improve the lives of adults living with autism. Find out more about the AFAA here.




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